DIY- Vintage Compact Fill

You’ll need: vintage compact with metal basin, jewelry cleaner, knife/ spatula, alcohol, paper towels, heat gun, your favorite cream product (lip/ cheek color or cream concealer).

A great place to find compacts is at vintage or antique store- or an estate sale. Soon I’ll have them up for grabs on my website! Stay tuned for the store opening!


Disassemble the compact.

IMG_2205Scrape out any remaining powder

IMG_2208Now to make the outside sparkle and shine…

IMG_2210grab your jewelry cleaner from 1996…

IMG_2209Start Scrubbin’… then rinse with water and let dry.

IMG_2212Now for the inside basin pan… wipe with alcohol until completely clean and let dry.

IMG_2211 Grab your favorite lip color or cream concealer.

IMG_2213 Shave it into the pan…

IMG_2214grab your gun…


Put a paper towel under the pan and the shaved cream makeup-

IMG_2217 and let her rip…


IMG_2219 meltier…

IMG_2220almost meltiest…

IMG_2227now let it cool off…

IMG_2232IMG_2233find your pieces to assemble the compact…

IMG_2230ooooo…. ahhhhh!!!!

IMG_2234 Now get a little box and some ribbon pretties…

IMG_2235 IMG_2236Tulle is always a good idea!



I hope you have fun with this!!! It’s such a great gift! Especially for the makeup obsessed!

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