Makeup Monday – NEW BBU Lip Palette

Glorious, isn’t she?! I first laid eyes on Bobbi’s New Pro Lip Palette at the Candela Show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week SS13. The Show was lead by Kai Vinson for Bobbi Brown and it was a blast! Obvi I snapped some pics for my instagrammers out there (@ljonesmakeup), and now I’m happy to share some pics with you on the blog! 

Mine’s on order! Patiently waiting! ;)


Makeup Kit Weigh in!

I weighed myself, then weighed my myself while holding my kit- then did a little math… I could have swore my makeup artistry kit weighed 100 pounds, but it turns out it actually weighs 35 pounds! that’s 35 pounds of luscious beauty glory (and it includes my glamcor light set).

As a professional makeup artist I have to maneuver my kit all around NYC, so it’s important to keep everything mini, compact, organized and light weight! How much does your kit weigh?



I did the makeup for the ultra edgy and cool look book for Chris Habana. This shoot is a perfect example of androgynous makeup. Super defined brows with tons of countour on the cheeks (love MAC’s deep brown paint stick) and great skin! And yes, there was a little nipplege that I felt the need to cover for you on the blog…


While showcasing the jewelry, the video tells the stories of the models’ craziest night out, note: rated PG-13!