Album Covers + More Musicians


Lately I’ve had the pleasure of working with photographer, Shervin Lainez (thanks for the intro, Laura Mitchell!). He photographs musicians, and I do their hair and makeup! Check out some of the projects that we’ve been working on…

Side note: I’m going to do Lana Del Rey’s makeup. I don’t know how or when, but it’s going to happen… love her!

Love Mail

Can you say, ADORABLE! My lovely client sent me a thank you note and a fabulous BLINC mascara!. I just can’t get over it, SO SWEET! Thank you notes make the recipient + sender feel so great! When was the last time you send out a thank you note? It’s certainly been a while for me because I’ve been so busy, but I must get back on top of it!

During out makeup lesson together, Betsy and I discussed how great BLINC mascara is. She wasn’t my first client to insist that it was the best out there for girls that have smudging concerns with their mascara. I told her I needed to get out there and get some to try out… and then she sent me one in the mail! Yippee!!!

Thank you Betsy!

“Hey Lindsey, Just wanted to thank you for our makeup session and for all your advice and tips! I bought you a new product for you to try. Hope you like it! Warmest – Betsy”

Assisting Jeanine Lobell for Marie Claire with Jessica Alba

Can you see me in the video (at the 41 second mark for half a second)?! So fun! I had the absolute pleasure of assisting Jeanine Lobell while she did the makeup for Jessica Alba for the Cover of Marie Claire. Jeanine had to catch a flight, so I wrapped up the shoot for her. I finished the last shot and then changed Jessica’s makeup for the video. I was SO excited to be there with Jeanine and Jessica, and I totally kept my cool when Jeanine left and I was there alone with Jessica. Which, BTW, Jessica is SO nice. The cutesy-ness that comes across in the interview is real, it’s exactly who she is. It was such a pleasure to work with her!

Jeanine Lobell is hands down, my #1 hero. Like…. makeup, personality, mannerisms, profesionalism, everything. For the first time in my life, I have a full-fledged Role Model. She’s so bad ass, she doesn’t even need a website. Check out her interview on Into the Gloss and her INCREDIBLE Manhattan apartment. All of my makeup artist friends will agree that she rocks, super hard.