The Office of LJMA

I am so excited to share my new desk with you! It fits perfectly up against my window where I have a great view of NYC, but more importantly, my balcony garden. Now you know what I look like when I’m emailing/ texting/ calling/ skyping you! Since the lighting is so great at my desk, hopefully I will have lots of videos coming up soon. I know I promised a video about the Makeup Forever 12 Flash color palette, so stay tuned…

Yes, I drink water out of a wine glass. It’s just so glamorous!  This parsons desk is from West Elm (found on cragslist for $150), Touch lamp from Bed Bath and beyond, Silver Monsoon Balsam scented candle from Anthropology (unavailable online, but on sale in stores), graph paper mousepad from Target, MacPro computer, limited edition Bobbi Brown palettes (sorry!), Ikea Mirror, assortment of brushes in an Ikea cup, and I’m wearing a Timex watch and a Maxstudio long sleeved shirt.

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