Donna Karan event + VOGUE beauty editor

At the two-day Launch event with Bobbi Brown for Donna Karan’s new fragrance, WOMAN, we made up all the beauty editors from Allure, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence, O Magazine, WWD, Town and Country and VOGUE. The women then had their portrait taken with the woman that inspires them, be it their mother, sister or a friend. Famed photographer Brigitte Lacombe took the portraits in black and white. It was so fun for their family and friends to take a peak into their glamorous lives, they were so excited and proud. Sarah Brown was my last makeup application of the two day event, I had no Idea what she was thinking while I was doing her makeup, I couldn’t read her. Did she like the makeup? Was she feeling me? She gave me no clues. I just did my thing… listened to her tell me what she wanted, tried to help her articulate what she had in mind, as well as explain to her the photographer’s style and how we had to keep that in mind as we put together the look.  I was assertive, calm, friendly and confident… or as much as I could be while doing the beauty editor of Vogue’s makeup. Continue reading

The Office of LJMA

I am so excited to share my new desk with you! It fits perfectly up against my window where I have a great view of NYC, but more importantly, my balcony garden. Now you know what I look like when I’m emailing/ texting/ calling/ skyping you! Since the lighting is so great at my desk, hopefully I will have lots of videos coming up soon. I know I promised a video about the Makeup Forever 12 Flash color palette, so stay tuned…

Yes, I drink water out of a wine glass. It’s just so glamorous!  This parsons desk is from West Elm (found on cragslist for $150), Touch lamp from Bed Bath and beyond, Silver Monsoon Balsam scented candle from Anthropology (unavailable online, but on sale in stores), graph paper mousepad from Target, MacPro computer, limited edition Bobbi Brown palettes (sorry!), Ikea Mirror, assortment of brushes in an Ikea cup, and I’m wearing a Timex watch and a Maxstudio long sleeved shirt.


Last weekend, Morgan and I wend to the special pro-makeup artist only day at IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show). It was interesting to see tons of pro makeup artists in one place. We were all talking about trends and products, and catching up with fellow makeup artists that we know (I totally saw Kaarin there!). I picked up these LIP TAR‘s from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC). The colors I chose were: (from left to right) Hush, Memento, Trollop and Clear.

If you’ve ever tried lip tars, you know that there is a specific way you are supposed to put them on. The whole idea is that a little goes a very, very long way. I wasn’t aware of this and when I was trying on the pigments for the first time and I put WAY too much on. I applied this super pale lilac color and it looked terrible, think Mod 60’s lip stick gone all wrong. I had to ask the OCC girl for some makeup remover and once she looked up at me, she got really wide eyed, then smiled and scrambled to get me some Alcone Makeup Wipes.  She then explained that I only needed a small amount, about the size of the head of a pin and I could dilute the product with the Clear. After I practiced the technique for a bit, I really started to like them! I decided to buy some more natural colors for my brides. Last Sunday I did a bridal makeup trial with Melissa from Baked by Melissa and we loved Memento on her!

Bobbi Brown Pro

While I enjoy many perks as a freelance makeup artist for Bobbi Brown, sometimes I can’t get all the Bobbi makeup my heart desires! Therefore, I just signed up for the new Bobbi Brown Pro Program.  It’s free for the first two years, super easy to apply and you’ll enjoy 40% off. To create an account and apply for membership, click on the image above or go to and Makeup Forever also have great pro discounts, but they don’t carry a product like the BBU palette (pictured above and a total life (and back) saver). I use my MAC PRO discount all the time for MAC wipes to clean brushes in between applications. And makeup forever has that essential Flash Color Palette, I heart that palette!

Cute Video

Today this video I was a part of was featured on Livin’ Cool Blog. My favorite part is towards the middle when it’s in black and white, her eyeshadow is so sparkly and the eyeliner is so vampy. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you see it! Makeup by me, Lindsey Jones.