Did you know that I travel?

That’s right! I am now available for appointments in sunny San Diego, California. I’ve already gotten some great Yelp reviews, and I’m looking forward to building some great relationships with wedding planners and photographers in San Diego. Don’t you worry though, I will still be spending most of my time in New York, I’m just bicoastal now!

Bridal Diaries, Bria (my first paid gig!)

I was home for the holiday’s visiting family and working in San Diego when I found these pictures on my mom’s computer. I was like, “Whoa! That was my first wedding job ever!” It’s crazy to think about how far I have come from then, and that was 4 years ago! I’m not sure if that feels like a long time ago or only a short while ago. My life is seeming like one giant, action-packed blur these days!

To the left is Bria’s bridesmaid, then Bria (the bride) in the middle and I am on the right. Wait- can we talk about my huge gold hoop earrings? And my RED hair? Oh, how things have changed! Continue reading

Bridal Diaries, Angelina

Makeup by Lindsey Jones.

Angelina is SO cool. Also, I totally got my nose pierced after seeing how hot she looks in hers (although mine only lasted a couple of weeks because I would accidentally pull it out in the night!). Would you ever get your nose pierced?

Thank you Angelina and Congrats! xoxo