BeautyBlender- my new favorite tool!

Today I made this little video about a special little sponge called The BeautyBlender.
I can’t tell you how much easier it has made my life! 
I fist saw it a while ago and was hesitant to get it because of the price point.
But then I saw other artists using it and then I started using it on set…
and I realized how amazing it was!
The great thing is that it’s washable so you can reuse it. 
Right now ricky’s has a deal- you get 2 for $27.99.

I put one in my kit and one in my personal makeup bag! :D

6 thoughts on “BeautyBlender- my new favorite tool!

  1. @Venus- Thank you so much for sharing! I do use it dry. I have assisted worked with artists that use the BeautyBlender both Wet and Dry. When the BeautyBlender is wet It's a more natural/sheer application. But then the makeup in the blender gets all over the other makeup/tools! If I get the blender wet I usually have to quarantine the little guy in a cup for the day so that I'm not covered in foundation. To avoid the mess I usually use it dry. I wonder if we use less or more foundation when the blender is wet? Hmmm… that's one to think on… And I've totally used it to blend foundation into eyeshadow and blend eyeshadow slightly- but I've never thought about using it as purely an eyeshadow application tool. I'm totally going to try it out! I wonder if the girl has a tutorial about application… I would love to see it! Thanks again for sharing! I love your input!

  2. Your welcome Lindsey! :) Thanks for responding. I feel like I use less makeup w/ the BB than I do with other methods(fingers,brush). I will try it dry tomorrow. I wish I could remember what blog I was at when I saw that girls post. She said she did a whole smokey eye. Hmm. I still haven't tried. I used to keep my BB's in a delicate washing machine bag(like for undies), now I keep them in Tupperware so they don't make a mess. We get a container store next month! Can't wait to look for better options.

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