NeuLash is Still the Reigning Champ of Lash Serums!

I always recommend NeuLash to my clients that want longer, thicker and curlier lashes. And they are never disappointed! There is a $85 tube which lasts up to 3 months and $150 tube that will last up to 9 months

In case you haven’t ever heard of lash serum, here is how you apply:

I am sorry to report that MAC’s Prep + Prime Future Length Lash Serum didn’t work on me! Man, was I bummed. Have you tried it? If so I hope it worked for you!  After two weeks of morning and night application I saw no difference. I bought the product because it was only $30- and with my MacPro discount only $20. That is $65 cheaper than the smallest bottle of NeuLash- priced at $85. After just a couple of days using Neulash I see a difference!
Lash serum has been a bit of a trend lately- heck, even wet n wild has a lash serum now (only $1.99):
After Latisse became such a success lots of other brands have launched their own lash serums. I remember about 4 years ago when I was working at a counter at Nordstrom in San Diego, one of my clients had the most gorgeous lashes! I commented on how beautiful they were and she proceeded to tell me about how she had glaucoma in one of her eyes. That particular eye was having an unusual side effect from the glaucoma drops. It made her lashes very, very long- and thick! So much so that it was very noticeable and looked rather peculiar next to the normal eye. She asked her doctor what she should do to balance out the lashes and he said that she should also put some drops of the glaucoma medicine in her healthy eye. He said that the side effects would be minimal if there were any at all. I was absolutely intrigued by my client’s story! She also told me about how they were developing the glaucoma medicine to be used as a hair growth treatment. A couple years later- Latisse hit the cosmetic scene!
But the problem with Latisse is that you have to get a prescription- which means you have to make an appointment to go see a doctor ($) and then pay something outrageous price like $500 for a bottle. And there are side effects: discoloration of the iris (especially in light colored eyes) and darkening of skin where the serum is applied. It’s no wonder that Latisse was a little upset when NeuLash hit the scene shortly after they did. 
Latisse was spending all this money on advertising (even hiring spokes person Brooke Shields), marketing, product research, FDA approval (probably had to do some real schmoozing there), etc.. And they were selling their product very well. But then NeuLash stepped on the scene and took a pretty large chunk of their business, and very easily and without nearly as much effort in research. Because- well because they simply have a better product. NeuLash works faster, is less expensive, with less side effects and it’s easier to get (no doctors visit). It’s so much better than Latisse that Latisse has taken Neulash to court insisting that NeuLash’s product is too strong to be available without a prescription. NeuLash was taken off of Bloomingdale’s shelves among other vendors around March 2011 because they didn’t want to be liable or culpable for carrying an unsafe product. 
Oh the lash serum drama! I am interested to see how this all plays out. My guess is that Latisse won’t be around for very much longer. Which is sad because they are the ones that spent all the money on research and advertising to get the lash serum craze started in the first place! But hey, it’s just business!


Mercedes-Benz Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week officially starts September 8 and goes through the 15th. Although some of the indie designers will be starting their shows a little earlier. I am very excited to present my fashion week schedule- hopefully I will be seeing you all in the tents! 
Show/ Date/ Time
Tim Coppens/ Wed 7/ 6:00-7:00 CONFIRMED
General Idea/ Fri 9/ 1:00 CONFIRMED
Saturday I’m flying out to do a wedding for the day in upstate NY amidst fashion week craziness!
Bespoke/ Sun 11/ 8:00 CONFIRMED
Katie Ermilio/ Sun 11/ 3:30 CONFIRMED
Yigal Azrouel/ Wed 14/ 12:00 CONFIRMED

Micheal Kors found via

Hurricane Causes Emergency Wedding day change!

So my bride, Jaclyn, emailed me along with the rest of her wedding vendors a day before her wedding date. Due to the foreseen monsoon/ hurricane/ Armageddon like weather- she just wanted to “get a feel as to who would be available tonight” just to even see if it would be a possibility of having the wedding a day earlier than planned. Well I told her I had an appointment at 12:00 and would be over as soon as possible if she needed me. And then we made the wedding happen! A day early! :D This is certainly news worthy!
The only thing that she didn’t get really was the florist- but this is a snap shot of the flowers they had at rebar, and I thought they were gorgeous. And her florist miraculously appeared before she walked down the aisle with a beautiful bouquet for her! 

More details on this miraculous story to come! And hopefully some pictures from her photographer and not just pictures from my phone! 

Here is a review that Jaclyn wrote about me online:

OMG… I can not say enough good things about my wedding make up artist Lindsey!  I was one of those “Irene” brides and had to move my wedding to a day early!  I sent Lindsey an email at around 11am the morning before my wedding to see if there was ANY chance she could move out appt to a day early.  Within the half an hour, I get an email back from Lindsey saying….Let’s do this, I will be there!

Lindsey is exactly the type of person you want around you the day of your wedding…or your impromptu wedding!  On a day that was so chaotic and crazy, Lindsey was so relaxing and fun to be around.  Calmed my nerves completely!  She’s not only one of the coolest girls I have met, she does absolutely sick makeup!  I have had my make up down plenty of times and am not too shabby myself at it :), but I have never looked so hot!  She made my eyes pop and my skin looked flawless.  She was even able to make me look awake after not sleeping for 48 hours tracking Irene!

It wasn’t just me either.  My mother (who never thinks she looks good), my sister, my mother-n-law, and my sister-n-law all looked stunning and can not stop praising Lindsey’s work.

I will forever be in Lindsey’s debt for helping me turn a crappy situation into making me feel beautiful on the inside and out.  If you have any concerns about Lindsey’s work, feel free to email me.  I’ll give you the reference of  a lifetime!

Isn’t that so sweet! I am so glad that she had such a wonderful day!


I had the absolute pleasure of assisting makeup artist Wendy Rowe on a photo shoot for Vogue China’s September 2011 Issue. It was a total blast working with her! She is so talented. She totally rocked my makeup world with all of the advanced makeup techniques she taught me. It’s so great to be able to learn from the makeup masters like Wendy Rowe! :D 

Credits include: Publication, Vogue服饰与美容 September 2011; Title, “Oriental Chic”; Photography, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin; Styling, Nicoletta Santoro; Hair, Duffy for Tim Howard Management; Makeup, Wendy Rowe for Burberry Beauty; Manicure, Lena Naomi for

Bridal Diaries – Emma

Makeup and hair by me,  Lindsey Jones <3
Why are all my brides so beautiful? I love all of them!

Some notes on the hair and makeup:
Fine with a wave. Blow out with a small about of mouse. Blow out crown first. Use 1 1/2″ barrel all over and straighten bangs if needed. Tease all over crown. Make sure bangs are smooth and not in face too much. Pin up curls so that it looks like a full and thick messy bun. Make sure on the left side there are at least 3 pieces hanging (like in the image of drew)  and on the right one small piece. Make it a bit messy and very voluminous. Think sweet but sexy Grecian. Pin the flower low in between the ear and pinned curls on the right side.

Skin: La Mer oil control on forehead and lotion on the rest. Bisque corrector and ivory/warm ivory concealer.  A very light layer of beige natural finish all over then 2.5 foundation stick where she needs it.  On forehead use dark bisque/bisque to correct darkness and beige/warm sand foundation stick on top. Pink sugar and pale pink on cheeks as well as rose shimmer brick on top. Nude shimmer brick all over.
Lips: Bobbi spf 15 lip balm, beige mixed with pink ballet, crystal gloss.
Eyes: equal parts saddle and grey in brows, ivory all over, goldstone on lower lid, shadow options pallete: pink on inner corners and neutral plum on outer corners, gold sparkle on inner corners. Black gel with slight wing tip smudged with charcoal, charcoal is also very slightly in the outer corners/crease.  6 medium length lashes and 2 short (to transition).
No smudge waterproof on top and a very light coat of mascara underneath.

Montreal Makeup Find: Lise Watiers- Smokey Gold Glitter Eyeliner

I was traveling in Montreal this summer, and as all beauty buffs will tell you… The best thing about traveling? Exploring the beauty aisle in any and all stores! I stumbled upon Lise Watiers– and had to grab this amazing glitter eyeliner in this Smokey Gold color. I had a simular product a while back by Too Faced that I used all up! I can’t tell you how many compliments I get while wearing my new glitter eyeliner. 
I usually use it to just line my top lid. But the other night I went out for my friend 
Lindsey T.’s Birthday for dinner and drinks (Vai Spuntino then more birthday drinks at Ward III) and I decided to Glam it up! First I used my secret weapon, Goldstone Long Wear Metallic cream eyeshadow,  all over my upper lid: 
Then Black Gel Eyeliner just on my top lid:
Then I applied the Smokey Gold Sparkle Glitter Eyeliner just above the Black gel on top. And I also lined my lower lashes as well. The Lise Watiers eyeliner is more Gold and has larger sparkles than the Goldstone, so you can definitely see it more. It was a very fun look! And I promise pictures next time!

Bridal Diaries – Joy

Makeup by Lindsey Jones.

Good Lord! Can you say Gorgeous! I can’t stop staring! 
Here are some notes on her makeup:
Eyes: Brows- Joy likes a stronger brow- she usually uses smoke in her brows. Use saddle strongly all throughout the brow. 
Ivory/bone flat base shadow all over the lid. 
Burnished cream shadow all over the lower lid. 
Thick black gel eyeliner all over upper lashline and use the definer brush + gel on lower lash line. 
Smudge gel with black shadow being careful to leave some brightness from the burnished in the inner corners. 
Soften the crease with Burnt Sugar + Chocolate shimmer
Two sets of ‘Whispies’ false lashes from my secret Brooklyn-Chinatown beauty spot, Optima. Be careful not to glue the lashes too close to the inner corners. Glue the first set close to the innrer corners and the second set farther towards the outer corners. Waterproof mascara. 

Skin: Dark Peach + Dark Bisque Correctors. Golden + Almond Concealer. 6.5 Natural Finish Foundation all over and Golden Foundation stick on top. Deep Bronzer evenly all over then contour upper lip (to appear more flat and deep), sides of nose, temple, jaw and cheek bones. Warm Natural Concealer highlighting top of nose, chin and cheek bones. Pale pink blush. Bronze Shimmer brick all over and Star Shimmer powder (laura mercier) on highlighted points. 

Lips: Beige + tangerine lip sheer+ peony, crystal + YSL #10 Gloss on top.