Forever 21’s False Lashes + Opening Ceremony’s paper lashes

Today I learned that Forever 21 has a great assortment of false lashes.
Each set of lashes also comes with glue and is only $2.80! 
I always try products on myself before any of my clients. 
That way I know the product in and out! And lashes are no different-
So tonight I’m going to give these ones a spin (below)! 
Tonight my boyfriend and I are going to Pianos in the 
lower east side – a great place to make a lash debut! 
(Update 7/10- the glue was a little tingly! Stick with Duo lash glue.)

And in other Lash news- my friend Lindsey was telling me about these
paper lashes my Paperself at Opening Ceremony. 
Most lashes are made out of either human hair or plastic- but these are made out of paper!
I want to organize a photo shoot with the peacock lashes as soon as possible!


Aren’t these so strange and cool? 

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