How much does your makeup bag weigh?

My little Zuca artistry Kit filled with makeup weighs in at 30 pounds!
As I was organizing and labeling all my bags with my new pink label maker today- I did the math… and the makeup I carry around with me on Jobs is only about 20% of the makeup that I actually own.
That’s Crazy! And it’s also why it’s so wonderful to be my friend! :D
My Zuca Artistry Bag- or in other words the love of my life.
I bought the cutest pink label maker and labeled and organized everything in my kit!
And don’t think I’m saying this just because I assist Bobbi Brown-
her Makeup Manual is so helpful for makeup artists!

2 thoughts on “How much does your makeup bag weigh?

  1. Hi Lindsey- Im your newest fan and I love your blogs.. I do makeup as well and wondered what you think of your ZUCA.. Im in search a good traveling traincase and have been carrying two shoulder makeup kits with me to my jobs.. Can I get everything I need in my ZUCA? Is it worth the $$$ (I know they are very expensive) and do you recommend anything else more affordable (even though if you think its worth the $$ then I would pay the extra for a great purchase.. Thanks for your advice.

  2. @Laura- I love my bag because it's so easy to lug around New York city. And it's the right size as for a carry on for a flight, so I use it as luggage for clothing when I'm traveling for pleasure. The zuca makeup bag can really only fit the essentials of a makeup kit. My Zuca bag contains:A Full brush set in a brush case (fits in the door of the Zuca bag)5 pressed powders4 shimmer bricks4 bronzers4 different foundation formulas in 5 different shadesBBU palette22 blushesLoose translucent powderLoose shimmer powder12 gel eyeliners12 cream shadows10 eye pencils/ 1 brow/ 1 kohl/ 1 white6 mascarasone lash curlertwo tweezers(other small tools)about 17 different eyeshadow palletes (totaling in over 100 shades)10 different kinds of false lashes and 4 different sizes of individual lashes25 lip glossesBobbi Professional Lip Palette15 lip linersI use La Mer moisturizing lotion and oil control lotionThen I have a creme de la mer sample size that I rarely useBen Nye fix sprayBobbi Makeup removerCotton, q-tips, mac wipes, sponges (though I mostly use the amazing beauty blender!)So it's a pretty basic kit, no crazy sparkle or stencils or anything like that. You really need to think about what kind of jobs you are doing. I've been thinking about getting the backpack for hair tools and some other more fun products. But I never really do crazy makeup- because it's not really my style. I hope this helps! And I am SO glad you are a fan of my blog!

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