The Gorgeous Stylist Annabel Tollman

I did Stylist Annabel Tollman’s makeup for a video of her eyes for her Tumblr.
An image of a back mask will go all around both of her eyes. 
Annabel will be winking very sexily through the mask. 
It is so cute! As soon as I get the video I will be sure to post it! 
Some notes on the eye makeup:
Wheat brow powder, clear brow gel with the hair groomed up 
(I loved hearing Annabel’s tips from her grandmother about brows!),
White powder all over lid, Taupe from crease to lash line,
Black gel eyeliner on upper lid, Mahogany shadow in lower lash line as liner, 
5 individual bunches of lashes on the outer corners,
5 single lashes to transition into the inner corner 
and LOTS of Party Mascara! :D

Inspiration from Montreal

Montreal was so inspiring and so gorgeous.
Nicholas, my boyfriend, and I had a great time!
The food was delish and the sights were amazing. 
Here are some images from our trip!
I saw this magazine and felt so inspired by this cover! 
If you’re visiting Montreal and you love nightlife and you don’t speak french- 
I recommend heading to and translating the page to english before your trip.
The girl in the picture, grimes, has some pretty cool music too. 
It’s chill experimental electronica and I love it! 

Canadian Mula

Myself taking a break during our walk up Le Parc du Mont-Royal
Mmmm… Ice cream parlor! These folks at Bilboquet know how to do it!

Ice Cream and Cake at Juliette & Chocolate Laurier.  
The cake was good but the Ice Cream was a little off. 
(I have an Ice cream maker at home so I’m an Ice Cream snob)
The Chocolate Room in Brooklyn near my house is still the best ever!

The Metro has tires! So different from the trains in NYC.
Mexico city also uses tires on their metro. 

Can you say gorgeous? I don’t even know what kind of flower this is- do you? 
I was walking around this beautiful neighborhood and 
I had to snap a shot of thisflower in this person’s front yard! :D

I’ve seen more than enough Cathedrals and Churches in Europe…
But it was fascinating to see a modern Basilica. 
The inside looked like Gotham City designers, Tim Burton and a couple of 
Priests got together to design and decorate the interior. 
I actually had no idea what I was ordering… 
then I was delivered the healthiest hot dog I had ever had!
And the most delish! 
I definitely recommend hitting up Patati Patata while you’re in Montreal. 
Grab some Poutine while you’re there too. It’s wonderous. 

Gorgeous little fountain in one of the many parks. 

Inside Notre Dame (of Montreal :D)

Look at these cute false lashes on this Jetta!

At night fall in Old Montreal along the Water. 
Inside of St Joseph’s Oratory

And yes, that’s a little mini orange monkey! 
We decided to spend an hour or so at the Biodome and it was totally fun!
Thanks to all of our friends for the great recommendations
and thank you to Nicholas for being the best tour guide in the world! 
I left the city feeling inspired by all of the smells, tastes, colors, architecture and people!
Now it’s time to get back to work! :D

Vintage Montage

Makeup by Lindsey Jones

The Look:
I used Bobbi Brown’s Foundation stick all over the Skin in Sand. Corrector in Light Bisque and Concealer in Ivory under the eyes. Medium bronzer lightly to contour the cheeks and pale pink lightly on the apples of the cheeks. Pale pink lip color with Laura Mercier’s translucent powder on top to create a matte effect. Eyes- Anastasia’s brunette brow pencil and Bobbi’s Grey Brow Powder.  Then I curled the lashes and added a light coat of Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara. 
For this model I added Black Gel eyeliner to the look. 

Then I amped up the Black gel eyeliner with Bobbi Brown’s Charcoal eyeshadow.