Today was amazing! We were shooting for Bobbi’s new book and I had the pleasure of meeting Estelle. I also met a wonderful makeup artist that is from the UK that has a very special secret. Oooo- and Estelle told me she liked my bangs! Ahhh! Glory! Sweet Glory!
The first picture is Hanah Martin on the Left (she’s on Bobbi Brown’s Beauty team in the UK) and I am on the right. And on the bottom is Estelle with Bobbi Brown. So cool! Now I have to go revel in my glory! Yipee!!!


Here are some behind the scenes shots of a test shoot I did with a great group of creative people. We shot at Guilt Group’s studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Forte Greene. The photographer will photoshop the cushions to be the same color as the couch. We shot 3 vintage looks (which this is one of) and a technicolor shot where I put bright orange and purple shadow on the models. I can’t wait to see the finished product! So excited! :D I will keep you posted…

Almay has saved me!

Thank you so much, Almay, for giving me these awesome Qtips of the Future!

I was assisting Wendy Rowe from Tim Howard Management on a Vogue China cover shoot and she was using these amazing pre-moistened cotton swabs by Mac called “Cleansing Tips”. I tried looking for them and it turns out they discontinued making them. Let’s not let this happen to Almay’s Makeup Erasers- so get out there and buy them people!
As I was cruising the cosmetics section of Target (which is probably one of my most favorite activities) and I stumbled upon these babies! Almay “Makeup Erasers”. Hmmm, pretty interesting- they are simular to the ones from Mac only a little different. So what you do is snap off the one cotton tip end with the stripe on it, and then the oil free makeup remover that is in the tube of the Qtip flows into the other cotton tip. Wonderful! So easy! This is going to save me so much time when I am doing a makeup application. Thanks Almay!
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